BABE RAINBOW - 16th April


When: Saturday 16th April

Time: Doors 8 PM

Where: Auditorium

Cost: $42.50

Rockit clock says summers coming on, Babes got the songs and shows ready to soundtrack. First off is new single "Smash the Machine", an air adventure out of your head and into the screen. A contradictory joyous choir of harmony to juxtapose its biting commentary on technology and consumerism.

Listen: We bookend a year that started with Babe Rainbow alongside Jaden Smith pushing imaginations on what the intersection of rainbow psyche music and hip hop sounds like. It was lifted from the bands fourth album that UK Clash Magazine reviewer called "Psych-pop constructed with a painterly touch, Babe Rainbow seem to thrive on feeling, unhooking themselves from logical realms and embarking on lengthy journeys across turbulent inner oceans."

With the babes not able to tour the world in 2021 they sat together and watched the clouds and wrote a bunch of new music. We’re going pier to pub, jump in the combi if the jasmine won’t get you, the babe rainbow will.

New single released Thursday Dec 9th

Babe Rainbow tour on-sale Friday Dec 10th 9am